About Us

Troika IO is the most adapted end-to-end framework for enterprise brands that want to build on Web 3.0 frameworks. Our team of consultants and strategy advisors have over a decade of combined experience in Bitcoin, NFTs, P2P marketplaces, media, sports, entertainment, and more. We enjoy building game-changing brands with simple, innovative products that bring people together and move the world forward.

Our Team

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Our Services

Troika IO provides brand consultancy and marketing innovation services through our Crypto Transformation.


Learn more about Bitcoin, Ethereum and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).


Safely store digital assets with a regulated custodian or self-custody wallets.


Buy, sell and trade Bitcoin and NFTs on our Redeeem exchange.


Access hundreds of on-demand artists from around the world within our NFT networks.


Earn cash-back rewards with a crypto-backed credit card.


Swap seamlessly between 100+ crypto and fiat pairs with de minimis fees.


Represent and automate voting power on the blockchain with a DAO.


Access to real-time crypto prices, analytics and data oracles.